Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuna Onigiri

I remembered my brother sent me some sushi mould that I haven’t used. Hence, I decided to make some Japanese rice balls. I also had a pack of sushi seasoning in my pantry. It was just a perfect time to make my onigiri.

It is very simple. You only need to cook some Japanese rice (short grain rice) and put some filling into the rice. The filling is up to your choice. After washing the rice, drain away the water, and set the rice aside for 30 minutes. Cook it with a rice cooker by using the ratio of 1 cup of rice to 1 cup of water.

For the filling, I used a can tuna in brine. Pour the tuna in a bowl, flaked it with fork and mix with some mayonnaise. I used half of the sushi rice to mix with black and white sesames and wrap with tuna. I mixed the rest of the rice with the sushi seasoning and shape them with the set of onigiri rice mould.

I found that I didn’t put enough tuna in the rice ball. It tastes a little plain on its own so I dipped them with some Japanese soy sauce.

This website is so creative which allowed you to create some nice photo effect. See, my sushi is in the photo frame.

I also shared some of the onigiri with Maggie and Chai Hoong. I’m gonna give these to them to try.

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