Sunday, March 29, 2009

Muesli for Breakfast

Muesli…hmmm, I am not really a fan of this healthy food when I was in Malaysia. I remembered my lovely friend, Bee Bee. She loves to eat muesli. We used to have breakfast together when we worked at Dell. She had muesli for breakfast every morning. I used to say that she ate “hamster food”. Wahahahaha… and now, I am really into muesli for breakfast. I usually eat it with milk or soy milk but it is really tasty when you have it with yoghurt. Ok, here’s my healthy, yummy breakfast! It is very simple and easy way in preparing this breakfast. You will only need as below:

Ingredients (serve 2)

3 tbsp of muesli
3 tbsp of Yoghurt
½ banana, slices
4 strawberry, slices
4 grapes, slices

Note: You can always add other type of fruits like mango, apple, kiwi or the fruits of your choice.

What to do

(1) Spoon the muesli into a small bowl.
(2) Add in banana, strawberry and grapes slices.
(3) Spoon in the yogurt.
(4) Top with some muesli and serve.

It is that simple and health breakfast for everyone. Enjoy!

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